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A friend is following me?


A friend is following me?

Not applicable do I put this...


Ok..I wanted to listen to some music. I downloaded Spotify and listened to some over the weekend. No biggie.


I'm one of those who rarely, if ever, reads the fine print. I connected via facebook so I'd save myself some typing.


I was on facebook and fb tells me a friend is following me on Spotify.


I know for a fact that Spotify told me it would not post on my behalf. So - how does anyone on this planet even have a clue that I used Spotify? This is not sensitive information, but I certainly don't need this information shared with anyone. I don't want my music choices displayed for anyone, and have no clue why anyone would want to see my taste in music.


So, how did this happen? Was it the using facebook to create the account? If I uninstall Spotify, will this remove the digital footprint that's been created of what I listen to and when I listened to it?  I realize this is much ado about essentially nothing, but forgive me, I'm a private guy. What I listen to is my business. When I listen to it is my business. I guess that's what I get for not reading the fine print. I never, ever figured Spotify to be a social media instrument.



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Re: A friend is following me?

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Actually, what happens is when you connect a Spotify account to Facebook, any of your Facebook friends who are already on there will be notified that you've joined, so they have the chance to follow you. Don't worry, if you set Spotify not to post on your behalf, what you listen to won't be displayed on Facebook itself. If you'd like to completely prevent anyone from seeing what you're listening to, you can go into preferences and disable the various forms of activity sharing that are available. If you do that, all that will be shared is what you specifically choose to share, e.g., you find a song you like and tell Spotify to share it with your friends. There's even an option to turn off sharing to Spotify itself, so that your followers don't see your activity.

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