Add to playlist Multi-select option


Add to playlist Multi-select option

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Alright guys, here's my second attempt to salvage a simple change request. 


Enable the ability to add a song to MULTIPLE playlists at once. I will literally spend minutes adding ONE song to a few playlists. If I'm driving, I consider it a loss because there's no way I can add this song to the select playlists without crashing. This isn't that hard guys and I guarantee you'll gain the support of your whole customer base! 


Please don't wait for "kudos" to make this did me like that last time. Please spotify!!

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Re: Add to playlist Multi-select option

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To make a suggestion, Straight-Trippn, please go here. There, you will be able to add in a suggestion and a higher-up of Spotify will review it! Hope this helps!

Down below is a screenshot of what you should get when you click on the link above! 





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