Album no longer there


Album no longer there

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How come an artist album suddenly falls off?  I see that the artist still exists on Spotify, but it's only one of their albums.  What happened to the full length album that used to be there.


Artist: Drive By Audio

Album: Bring the Pain


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Sometimes artists chose to remove their music from Spotify for several different reasons. Often they just no longer want that specific album or songs available to the public becuase of change and growth as an artist. It always is a little disappointing to have your favorite music disappear, but what is most impotant is to respect the artist and their choices as a performer. 

Re: Album no longer there

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I appreciate the reply cloestevens!  It just bums me out because I see their album is still available on other premium music services, so I wonder why they dropped from Spotify.  Anyways....thanks again for the reply!

Re: Album no longer there


Hi There! 


I have had the same issue with Strawberry's and Ciggarettes by Troye Sivan, which has dissapeared from my playlist and it is unplayable.  


I think it has something to do with the label and spotify's ownership of the song or album to be allowed to be played. Also, many songs that artists have are not spotify... so it is most likely the record label and the artist's agreement (and spotify) to have it.


 ( I am not definetly sure, but I hope this helped)