[All Platforms] Hold Skip Button to Crossfade


[All Platforms] Hold Skip Button to Crossfade


I use Spotify when I host parties. I use the built in crossfade feature to make it feel like there is a DJ. Sometimes on shuffle or a bad call will play a song that doesn't fit the current mood. I think it would be a great idea to hold the skip button for a crossfade to smoothly switch out of the song. Hold it for something like 2 seconds and it does whatever crossfade time you have set in your settings.

This would be great to go across multiple platforms as I queue up songs from my phone that play on my computer over loud speakers which is a feature I love. 

Ideas for the animation would be to slow down the skip song animation to the crossfade speed.

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Hey there @JamesSpooky, thanks for reaching out!


Sorry for the delayed response, sometimes posts get lost in the crowd 🙂 The best way to share your ideas or show support for existing ones is on the Community Idea Exchange.

Spotify is always looking ways to improve with suggestions from users, so your feedback is important.


Hope this was helpful!



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