(Android) Spotify and BMW Connected Drive NBT EVO iDrive - integration issues


(Android) Spotify and BMW Connected Drive NBT EVO iDrive - integration issues


Hi all,

I recently bought a new BMW 5th series G31 with the NBT Evo iDrive version and I'm trying to use Spotify integration through BMW Connected drive app. Since the initial attempts, I had several issues which are being partially solved after the last Spotify updates (I'm using version for Android). The status is the following:


- Spotify app doesn't always start after the BMW Connected drive app connection. Till today I don't find a way to force easily the connection in this case. At the end after several attempts to force the connection (switching on/off the bluetooth on my phone), sometime it appears magically sometime not;

- Spotify icon often disappear randomly and I've to repeat the Bluetooth connection to my CAR deleting the device and creating again the connection;

- Search option isn't available (I've to use the phone to search something);

- The menu on my cockpit isn't available; it shows "loading..." but nothing happens and in case I want to skip a track when I'm in a different section of my iDrive (like the navigator), I've to back to the spotify app via iDrive and press skip button on the touch screen;


Justo to provide you other details, I tried with several android phones and actually I'm using Huawei P-Smart with Android 9.

I also conctacted BMW in order to have details, but no solution also after the recent car software update.


Please can you help me?

Thank you