Another Wrong Related Artists Issue


Another Wrong Related Artists Issue




I'm another artist, having issues with "Fans Also Like" tab at my Artist page.


I'm a soul/r&b/pop artist Mark Evich, based in NYC. I was born & raised in Russia, had a decent career there and was connected to a certain niche (officially there's no Spotify in Russia, so people find the workarounds).


It all resulted in me being initially attached to a range of Russian artists.

But 2 years ago I moved from Russia to NYC and am already making my moves here in the U.S. I'm being added to R&B and chill playlists, listened by local R&B music lovers without any connection to Russia - this data is precise and confirmed. But Spotify still relates me to these Russian artists. 


Looks like a bug to me. Already reached out to Spotify Artists and doubled my efforts via my distributor, AWAL. But from what I've read here, quick responses scarcely happen, so I decided to add this post for more attention.


If somebody knows a better way to address this, please let me know. I know, that it's supposed to be controlled by the algorithms, not manually - but according to playlisting and listeners' data I have, the algorithms are not 'seeing' the situation for some reason.


Thank you all!