[App] Last.fm Radio to CSV Generator


[App] Last.fm Radio to CSV Generator


So, I am an avid Last.fm user. I had a big problem with the sudden lack of radio as of 2014. I have since searched for something similar or even remotely close enough. It still holds the best recommendations and Spotify is a good medium to put those recommendations into. The Last.fm site allows for playing through Spotify, but there isn't a way to just save the recommended stuff it would play into say a playlist to play on the go.


I had been hoping for something where you could take the Last.fm recommendations and put them in a playlist in Spotify to make "mobile" radio possible. There really wasn't anything close enough. So, I made a tool that does half the work for me.


It takes your Last.fm username, and what type of radio you want (i.e. Library, Mix, Recommended), and generates a CSV formatted list you can then put into something like Ivyishere and generate a playlist.



So, without further ado, here's the current version, hosted for your convience:

Last.fm Radio to CSV Converter