Bitcoin & Litecoin

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Bitcoin & Litecoin


Dear Spotify, 

you have been revolutionary in the delivery of  music to the masses using the latest electronics, how is it your not accepting payments through Bitcoin and even better Litecoin?

Accepting payments through Bitcoin or Litecoin as a merchant costs you around .1% fee, when compared to the 3-6% fee you pay to the credit card processors it would sure seem like a "no-braner".

Bitcoin would take almost nothing for you to start accepting, basically thousands of murchants have paved the way for you. Litecoin may not be as simple however with the Bitcoin mining network switching to ASIC's (which mostly only wealthy people and corporations can mine) all the rest of us CPU/GPU "miners" have switched to Litecoin as the digital currency we mine.


Simply put, increase customer base and increase profits from existing customers with virtually ZERO capital expendature on your part!



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That would be pretty cool! :) You can add your Kudos to this idea here :). Right now it is on the status "Not Right Now".

Hope this helped :)

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