Bitrate Rumors


Bitrate Rumors


With all the different services now starting to push CD an Hi-res quality streaming including Spotify I started checking on which devices can and would support this. Now I may have gotten this wrong but rumor has it that this high level of bitrate support will only be available through apps on mobile devices but not apps on Roku, smart TVs or AVRs. I don't use Bluetooth or WiFi and prefer a solid Ethernet connection for all my streaming. Video bitrate and bandwidth is so much more demanding than audio that I don't understand the lack of support for some of these non-mobile platforms but if this restriction is true, Oh Well!

Now in the course of checking this out I came to find out that Pandora's premium service only streams at 196kbps (wth) while Spotify premium streams at 320kbps which prompted me to download Spotify and "possibly" upgrade to premium. Now here's where the rumors (from multiple sources) start again, all non mobile apps like those on Roku, Smart TVs and AVRs are throttled to 128kbps (supposedly) regardless of the service. I've posted requests for clarification of audio support on devices and apps from both Roku, Pandora and Spotify "after" checking the FAQs and even the forums. I've found the same basic question asked by others in the forums, some dating back years and all being ignored by moderators or given some of the most useless canned answers I've heard. Audio support specs for individual devices on any given platform should should be easily available, or am I missing something?

If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate any insight on the current state of and the future of high quality music and I'm sure at least a few others would be interested to know too. I'm not going to bother upgrading to Spotify Premium if All I can expect is 128kbps from non-mobile apps.

Please and Thank You.

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