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Hello everyone. Adam from Spotify here.


As many of you noticed, over the weekend we experienced a bug with one of our advertisements in Spotify which users were not able to mute. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. We're currently investigating the issue aas well as performing a post-mortem to ensure this doesn't happen again.


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Hey Adam,


Welcome to the discussion!


The "advertisement" you referrenced was on a continuous loop, not short blurb.  We need a way to kill it so it doesn't suck bandwidth.  Some of your subscribers have Internet usage caps.  Better still would be to have it start on demand rather than autostart.


While on this topic, some of your regular ads are very jarring when we're listening to quiet music.  Is there any way you can tone them down or make them fit into our playlist better?


Time will tell whether this incident causes any permanent damage to Spotify's subscriber base.  As RichardEHughes mentioned, we're the product not the customer.  But losing your product offering is not a good thing either.

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mb ads that you would like to hear about ... for instance i like art ...i would rather listen to an ad about art or an upcoming concert, or gallery opening, than to hear about planet honda,and the info can be easily obtained from fb with granted permision from the user... you people have to understand .. ADS are how they make money so u can listen for "free of charge" but thats the tax you pay... but if the ads are more apealing to me. everyone will benefit from the consumer aswell as customer side. i grew up arround NJ where the majority took transportion to the city for work and never drove their whole lives and dont wanna know about "planet honda" every 2 mins ... 

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It really depends on how Spotify get paid for the adverts.


If they are paid for people clicking on them, then yes what you are saying makes sense since personalising adverts would make you more likely to follow through with them.

However, if like on TV you just pay a flat rate for the advert, then I don't see why Spotify would invest the time in making a personalised system if they would get the same amount of revenue from it. 



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