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Dave, see attached file for all bit rates.

320 is extreme

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It seems that there has been no progress on this topic?

I really like spotify and I am a premium user and a dj so I would be willing to pay for such a service! 

Did anyone try to export your spotify playlist to excel and then you have a list for buying your tracks? 

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I am in exactly the same situation! I'd love to be able to put my Spotify workout playlists onto my Finis Duo for swimming tune good times, and would happily pay to do so if it were possible

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I can say almost for sure that it will never happen. If Spotify let you buy your music then you are off the grid. They actually lose you. They will lose access to the following information:

1. How often you listen to that music

2. When you listen to it

3. Where you listen to it. While driving for example?! Note that Spotify has access to your location. 

4. Basically who is listening to what on the map of the world!


This information is Gold to Spotify. You can imagine what they can do with this tonnes of information. Advertising, suggesting music to me (They suggest good music!), using it as selling points to customers and so on. They know a bit too much about us. Internet or web still is a wild wild west. Every thing started by google undermining Privacy. Then facebook ruined it and other companies just followed them!

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Many times I look for an specific song to ad to my playlists and it isn't on Spotify list. How can we suggest Spotify bring them, those songs, and make them available?

Many times I see an album that has been downloaded and a song or two is missing. Exactly that one we want. How can you solv this problem?

Thank you!

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There should be a subscription for DJs allowing for the ordering of flac /320kbps versions of all the tracks in a playlist as a downloadable file. This subscription could be a little more expensive since Spotify looses some revenue (listening statistics and so on)