Community Newbie Guide


Community Newbie Guide

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Welcome to the Spotify Community – a place to get help and help others.


Here, music fans from all walks of life come together to share their Spotify knowledge, discuss ideas, and trade answers to questions. From advice about features to troubleshooting problems, the Community serves to complement the information available on our support site, helping listeners get the most out of the service. If our support site doesn’t have the answer to a question, someone in the Community just might.




For help, click Menu in the top-right corner and select Help. Simple!

Here you’ll find Community boards divided into platforms (i.e. Desktop, iPhone, etc.). If you find an existing thread on the topic of your question or issue, you can ask there for help or comment.


If you don’t find an appropriate topic, you can start a new one. Just pick a title that best reflects the issue (i.e. ‘Having trouble syncing playlists’ rather than ‘My Spotify doesn’t work’), and include as much information as possible.





Hopefully you’ll hear back shortly after posting. While you’re waiting, feel free to browse the other boards for information that might help.


If you get an answer that solves your issue, be sure to press the Accept as Solution button. This will help anyone with a similar issue find the solution more quickly.


For helpful answers that don’t quite solve the issue, it’d be nice if you still click Like to show your appreciation.




The Community’s not just about finding answers, you can help others too. Aside from that warm, fuzzy feeling inside you get from doing good, you can also receive Spotify rewards. Just click ‘reply’ to a question or thread and write your response. A little help goes a long way.




By getting involved through our Rock Star program, you can become a Spotify legend, earning rewards such as free Premium, Spotify swag, and all-expenses paid trips to Spotify HQ in the process.


A Rock Star is a regular Spotify user who helps others to such a high level we honour them with a higher rank and cool title. You’ll often find a Rock Star patrolling the Community, earning Spotify rewards for their outstanding contribution.


You can also tweet them directly with any questions at @AskRockStars.

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Here’s a rundown of the people who make the Community tick:


  • Community Administrators, Moderators, and Spotify Staff
    These guys run the show and are ultimately in charge.


  • Community Rock Stars
    These are regular Spotify users who have proven themselves by helping others.


  • Everybody else
    These could be people new to the Community, music lovers, passer-byers, etc.


What’s great is everyone helps everyone else, regardless of rank, knowledge, or experience. After all, that’s what a good Community’s all about.




Have an idea that can make our service even better? Post it on our Ideas board. We review this regularly, so be sure to check it out and add your suggestions! You can also vote on existing ideas to give them more traction. Together we can make Spotify the best it can be.




The Community also has a Music Chat board. Share playlists, gain followers, or simply chat anything music related. Get involved!


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Re: Community Newbie Guide

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Hey! @dogsrcute73 @lavieenrose


You can post a question in our community Newcomers board using this "Start a topic" button.



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Playlist is stuck in shuffle mode

Casual Listener


My offline playlist is stuck on the shuffle mode. I have no idea why. I only want to hear consecutive play of song after song in the order I created the list which is why I create a playlist to begin with. How can I change this setting? I don't see any options 


Re: Community Newbie Guide


Whut up? Whut up?
Cuz Jones dropping in for an uneducated post. Lol.
I'm struggling understanding what I'm supposed to be doing in this community.
Could you please help me understand how this could benefit me as a music lover, spotify artist or explain how I can be a benefit to the community. It seems to basics be a public blog. Correct me if I'm wrong. And I've been reprimanded once for sharing my music. If you have time.
Please give me an idea of how I can begin to become a valued asset of the community. Because I just don't get it.
Many thanks
Cuz Jones

Re: Community Newbie Guide

Music Fan

Hey Rorey!


Thank you for all this info, very helpful! :)


Hope you have a great day!


Best regards,

Re: Community Newbie Guide

Gig Goer

I find using "The Community" incredibly confusing as well.  It seems it could be a great way to help each other out but with so many sub sections and "you CAN post this here, but you CAN'T post this there" overwhelmes me.  I'm never sure where I am supposed to go to remark on a topic or ask for help and it is too easy to digress from one subject. (See, I digress!) I also know most people do not have the time to read the reams of info on how to use "the Community" - I started reading and found myself a half hour later still reading but jumping from one area to another.  I was really unhappy to hear you were reprimanded. This is not high school! I understand there need for a few rules of behavior, ie: cursing, hating or just being a rude **bleep** are all GOOD reasons to have a few rules but, to be reprimanded for typing something in the wrong area of the community? I guess I can look forward to that soon as well. If the darn thing was not so multi layered maybe more people would use it and without the fear of being slapped on the hand. I'm 58 years old and consider myself technologically impaired. I have a hard enough time just recharging the stupid phone. Not everyone can be good at everything. So I feel for you and I can only tell you, I use the Spotify help form (using email) or live chat when I need an answer.  The community thing is just too hard for me to figure out and I am always afraid I'm not doing any of it right. I had a great experience with a gal on live chat the other night. She was so helpful and very kind. Hope this helps in anyway and maybe there are other's out there that also get spooky about using the community. I pay premium so I don't feel I should be shuttled over to the community when I need an answer to any question. ( I have tiptoed around in the community for answers though and will say there are some great folks with tons of knowledge!)  Would love to be of help to the community when I can but, again do not know which of the many protocals to use. Peace to you friend Cuzjones- maria19

Re: Community Newbie Guide

Spotify Legend

Hey @mariarose19. Thanks for the feedback. We'll be sure to take this onboard as a community team. Please know you shouldn't receive any reprimand for posts outside of strong violations of the community guidelines. 


On another note, we'd love if you remembered the name of the staff member who helped you on chat. We want to pass your lovely comment onto her. Thanks!

Re: Community Newbie Guide

I am as confused as you. I can offer a bit of knowledge by saying. Just be
polite and go with your gut. It works for me.

Playlist always goes back to custom order

Not applicable



Everytime i exit my playlist, it always goes back to custom order. I want it to stay in recently added, like it used to.


I have tried resetting, saving, deleting the app and redownloading. It is sooooo frustrating

Re: Community Newbie Guide

Gig Goer
Patrisha G was the lovely and helpful woman who helped me and I did mention
her in one of my posts. I also asked to speak to her supervisor that
morning but no one was available. She was amazingly kind and really did
everything she could to get things up and running! Thanks again Patrisha
G! You deserve a BIG raise in Pay! :)

Re: welcome

Casual Listener