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Re spotify my email *snip*

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re Spotify you have stopped me having  premier music for the past 5 month but you keep taking my money out my bank WHY I need to cancel to stop you from taking money for no service

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My E-mail address is 


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I am a long time subcriber and I just want to tell someone at Spotify, Thank you for Def Leppard. Finally!!!, I know the group itself had a issue with streaming and the whole money thing, but kudoos to you guys for working that out with them. I LOVE SPODIFY!!!. My life's msic is here and even hard to find music. No wonder your number one and hope you stay that way. Thank you...Sheila Gaines-Robinson

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Thanks, another social network i never knew i needed to be a part of.. .LOL

thnx again


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Hahaha lol just received an email saying i "earned" a rank. 

But yes I definitely use Spotify like more than ever and surprisingly quite a lot of followers for my playlists. 


As a future update request....could Spotify start to include where certain songs have been discovered (currently its just for artists)

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hello I have had problems logging in, I do not remember the email or the password and in my emails I have nothing related to the premium account I used to have, this is an account that I have to create, the thing is that I'm still debited for money of my card and I can not login. I need help, thanks.

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Hello Mateoprasca,


Yes, that is an unfortunate happening, BUT...



My suggestion would be to try the forgot my password link with all your email addresses one by one. It should not take you too much time for the process.


Other than that, maybe you have sent some song or playlist links to some friends through Spotify using the share (per email) option and you could ask them from what email did they arrive.


Hope that gives an idea as how to come forward with your account email.


OR maybe you have just signed up through Facebook. You can check that on Facebook on the linked accounts section.


Let us know please how did you manage.


Have a safe and sound day!




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Hey guys,


saw a post from a member that inspired me to tell you why i love spotify :)

until end of 2016 i just listen to music in itunes. 


Than a met my boyfriend and he‘s fully in love with spotify. At first i didn’t understand why but than spotify changed my life. I started to listen to new music i never heard before. And im absolutely crazy about all those remixes you would never find in apple music.

and than i learned about all the different ways what it means to listen to quality music. Im in heaven here on spotify.


i was just a genre pop girl, now i started to love edm and some fine heavy rock and some oldies i wouldnt have found without spotify.


fell free to message me and of course click the following button.


yours Johanna

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1. The best thing you can do is to go on your laptop or phone history..find the email or search hit spotify and go through the links
2. If that doesn't work, call spotify help centre
3. Plan c, call the company you used for processing the money and tell them to cancel. You may not get to use the original account but at least they won't bill the money.

Not sure if this is much help, but give it a try