Conceptual idea for Spotify


Conceptual idea for Spotify

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Hi my name is nick a student from the netherlands, and i’m currently working on a
conceptual idea for headphones with intergraded brain scanners.

My idea is to create these headphones together with an app that let you control your music player with your brain.

By continuously scanning the brain, the app can tell you exactly in what kind of state of mind you currently in.

By doing this the app can choose specific songs that can help you for instance to keep you more focused on your work.

In this message i have put an attachment in which i explain my idea further.


Because i personally think this could be a very interesting idea for spotify, i really want to hear your opinion.

So tell me what you think, and of it make any sense at all.

Hope to hear from you.




Nick Tjerks

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Re: Conceptual idea for Spotify

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Hey there @nickelson89, thanks for reaching out!


This sounds like a cool idea! You might want to check out the Ideas section and add your feedback.


Happy Holidays!



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