Confirmation e-mail in Chinese


Confirmation e-mail in Chinese


Hi there,

I got my confirmation E-mail in Chinese, because some clever programmer means if someone signs up being in Taiwan he must be capable of reading Chinese. Well, I'm not. Also the websites are popping up in Chinese and I have to change to English every time.

It is not OK to look at an IP address and make the assumption that the individual can read and write in Language where the IP addresses country is.

Very bad design from the web page developer.

The good thing is that you even not can mail to Spotify to tell them their problems.

Any suggestions or help possible?


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Re: Confirmation e-mail in Chinese

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This happens to some people (mostly in countries where they speak multiple languages). If you use the desktop client and go into preferences and select "English" or whatever language you want Spotify to be in, and you should only have to change it once. I think the websites for the country are set and have to be changed again once you delete your cookies, and there is no current way to set your language in your profile. 😕 You can also visit the website with the country code of the language you speak, like if you speak English just go to, your account will still be billed through Taiwan (and your profile will still say Taiwan) the language just changes. Email/ Notifications for some reason never change. 😕

Hope this helped 🙂

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