Deafened by Advert & Annoyances


Deafened by Advert & Annoyances

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I'm not paying for a streaming service that has got worse and worse in recent years. I listed some of the issues on a thread last year:


Now local files won't scrobble to - along with other issues playing/adding local files, it seems Spotify are trying to make it as difficult as possible to use it for local files, so we all stream more and don't bother buying downloads.


The free version has some ridiculous annoyances. You can't view the queue when there's an advert playing. Whatever you're doing as an advert starts is blocked when the advert starts, so you have to wait until it's over if it involves the queue.


Worst of all are some of the adverts, which can be dangerously loud. This is an advert versus a rock song I was listening to:


Advert vs rock song volumeAdvert vs rock song volumeImagine how much worse it is listening to chillout music.


I noticed a while ago that local files are much louder than streamed tracks, which seem to be reduced in volume so adverts appear louder.


I've moved to Deezer for some of my streaming and I wish they had a downloadable application.


I was an early-adopter for Spotify, so it's a shame it's gone from something I loved to something that seems to be doing its best to make me despise it. It's nowhere near as quick (instant) as it used to be either. Often, it's really slow.

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Re: Deafened by Advert & Annoyances

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Coming up to three years since I reported this, and I wouldn't be surprised if adverts are at dangerous levels compared to streamed music for some listeners. I don't listen on full volume, but I still find Spotify adverts painful at times.


It's ironic that Spotify has a "Normalize volume" setting for songs yet blasts listeners' ear drums out with ridiculously loud adverts.