Discovery Weekly, off to great start, now wtf?


Re: Discovery Weekly, off to great start, now **bleep**?


Like everything else, Spotify is a business. My guess is that there has been some pressure on them to get some music heard that they have a hard time fitting in elsewhere. Regardless, I'd like to believe the origins of streaming services are a way to connect music fans to music they may have not heard otherwise. More often than not, my favorite bands start out as bands I don't "think" I'd like judging by genre, name or something else irrelevant. When I listen to them, something connects and I fall in love. 

On the other hand, with any new experience that a service offers, there's bound to be some flaws in the first several interactions. So I'd say give them some grace but keep communicating your concerns. There's also a new playlist coming up called "Release Radar" that forms a list of new music that's been released that leans towards your specific music preferences. Maybe you'll have more luck with that one. Best of luck. 


Re: Discovery Weekly, off to great start, now **bleep**?

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the curse of the nordic songs is back.

i finally forgot about following weekly discovery list, and changed to Radar newsongs list, but after a while without problems im getting each week 1 extra nordic song each week!  i think spotify its trolling me.

i dont listen that kind of music!

at least we need a ban-ignore button-option for song i dont want to hear in these lists 

Re: Discovery Weekly, off to great start, now **bleep**?

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i refresh this topic to update my fight vs the nordic song curse in discover weekly.


now we have a great thing with the "dont like" option, but i think its working worse each time i use it.  i began banning 3-4 nordic groups-songs each week, and each new week a not set of groups appears + 3-4 more!   im beggining to think that i will need to ban every nordic group there is to be cured of this syndrome.

of 30 song in weekly discovery, i only saved 8 this week, the rest = nordic songs...


someone is trolling me with this or the program spotify use to select the songs is using songs i dont want to listed ever again, instead the ones i use to listen...

weekly discovery.png