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hola alguien sabe si el spotify funciona como reproductor ?? 

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@ceug - Apologies for the English reply, not sure I understand exactly what you are asking. Can you expand a little?

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First off, congrats on developing an app that I can't live without.


Second of all, can I please aprovide some feedback on a couple of updates that would make the mobility of this software even more awsome:

 -- a 'home' or 'desktop' page on the app which allows me to view my favourite playlists, possibly in a grid format, which can be moved around according to what I am listening to as of late, in other words, an easier viewed and edited list of playlists which I can sort, move around and edit

-- an option to group playlists into folders of my choice ie. according to my custom genre/artist/old/favourite playlists etc rather than my list of 300+ playlists

-- the option of selecting multiple songs at once -- and to be able to 'search' for the playlist I want to add them to, rather than scrolling down my 300+ list of playlists

-- the option of selecting multiple playlists that I would like to add a song to if I want to add the same song/s to more than one playlist


I have more which I can't think of right now.


Please proceed to ROCK!


C Sherry

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I am quite unhappy with the fact that a clean album I was listening to just put on a commercial for a rapper with swear words in the ad.  I work at a church and it's kind of inappropriate when my boss walks in and there's stuff like that playing...I would think ads should be audiance appropriate.