[Feature request] Playlist browsing through bluetooth


[Feature request] Playlist browsing through bluetooth

Casual Listener

I have browsed through the forum and shocked by the lack of communication from Spotify on this issue. So I am starting this new thread in hope of getting more attention to this feature that many other music players already have for a long time


The ability to browse library and playlist over car Bluetooth. 


This feature is present on the built-in music app for my Galaxy S10, Google Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, even Musixmatch.. 


When I'm driving, I'd prefer changing/skipping songs in playlist on the car's screen over pulling my phone out from pocket, open the app, navigate to Now Playing, tapping the top right corner of the screen, then skip the song. 


Don't get me wrong. I love Spotify. It's just sometimes frustrating that basic features like tapping 3 times on bluetooth headsets to previous song(while you guys have time, work on this, too. It's just a few lines of code in your service, come on), and the feature described in this thread, are not implemented. 


Come on devs.