Features of tool sharpening machine


Features of tool sharpening machine


BT-150M tool grinder for TCT carbide saw blade by the diamond grinding wheel. For the complicated shapes of the rake angle and clearance angle of all sorts of carbide saw blade tips.

It is a user-friendly machine with a transparent operation panel.
The PLC is numerical control, it stores up several kinds of sawtooth geometries for grinding various sawblades.
China BT-150M tool grinder has an automatic compensation program to compensate.
It can adjust grinding speed and it has an automatic lubrication system.

Features of tool sharpening machine
1. Semi-auto tool sharpening machine can quickly grind 2 blades, 3 blades, 4 blades, 6 blade carbide, and high-speed universal end mill
2. Suitable for straight shank milling cutter, precise and fast grinding, easy to operate,
3. The grinding and milling part is the cutting edge angle, the front bevel angle, and the rear bevel angle. One grinding wheel can complete milling cutters with different edge numbers and different diameters.
4. Install the diamond grinding wheel, all the processes can be completed with one grinding wheel, the angle is accurate, the service life is long, the cost is greatly saved, and the use efficiency is improved.
5. PLC controlled tool grinder according to different cutting materials, adjust the sharpness of the tooltip, improve the life and cutting efficiency of the milling cutter, machining accuracy.