Feedback: Music variety in Hands Up is gorgeous


Feedback: Music variety in Hands Up is gorgeous

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Hey there.


I'm really happy with your service. It's all I need to enjoy my favorite music genre: hands up. You have best deals with labels, I really can find all Hands Up music I need with some Dancecore around it. It's all I need and listen all day & night long till the morning light.


I'm so happy with your service, if you even tried to look these musics at other services, you can't find as much as on Spotify. Spotify is best deal for us, Hands Up music lovers, thank you Spotify.


However you should accept all tracks labels send. I know for sure you have blocked one great remix release by DJ THT and label can't do a thing about it. If you want more music, why not to accept, if legally uploaded to your service.


Once again many thanks for GORGEOUS music catalogue in Hands Up! music. I have playlist of 1,535 songs right now and keep still discovering old hands up tracks in your service.


Thank u for this gorgeous service. It's not overpriced, just great price for Premium music. Happy customer since ages. I think if someone loves music as much as I, he/she can get a Premium month without problems... It's not much money for gorgeous music content. I have not listened anything else on Spotify, but Hands Up music (Also known as Techno or Hard Dance), Dancecore music with some Jumpstyle music content is really gorgeous. I also can find Dance classics like Starstylers - Higher.


Here we go again! Music is my life.


By the way i don't know why people are still using mp3 players. These are no needed when you can stream content over mobile phone data plan with Spotify app in it.