HATE the new popular discovery


HATE the new popular discovery


I absolutely HATE the new popular area/popular songs discovery!!

come on

I know what I like, I'm not interested in popular!!!

OMG this is the worst feature ever.



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Re: HATE the new popular discovery

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You can just ignore it or you can launch the browser or web player from a link to an album, artist or playlist and you never need to see Discover again.

Re: HATE the new popular discovery

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Is it Browse or Discover you don't like?

Discover should give you personalized recommendations based on your listening habits.

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Re: HATE the new popular discovery


I've got to agree with OP.


It seems like there was a recent change to the Discover page.  I'm seeing a vastly inflated number of "Popular in your area", "Popular on Spotify", "when you were a teenager", and "Trending" selections.  The problem is that the vast majority (99+%) of these are (to my personal tastes) utter garbage.  They do not reflect my tastes, in fact most of them are from genres I specifically avoid because I do not enjoy them.


Yes, there are still some "because you listened to" and "if you like" peppered in there... but they are fewer and further between than I remember.  


I also know for a fact that there have been several new album releases in the last few months by favorite artists and in favorite genres about which I've seen zero notification in Discover or under Browse>New Releases and have only found because I was anticipating them or through following the band in other media.