Hello from Spotify - Introduce Yourself

Hello from Spotify - Introduce Yourself

Hi all,


Welcome to the new Spotify community.  


I'm the Community Manager at Spotify.  I'm here to help you and make sure the community runs smoothly.


The main goal of our community is to give folks a place to collaborate and support each other when using Spotify, as well as discuss their favorite music.  It's a place where we all help each other, whether we work for Spotify or not.  So please use your discretion when using the community.  


Have fun, be creative, and let me know how we can help.







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In footer you have Copyright © 2007-2011 Spotify Ltd. Maybe 2012? 😉


And I am Jyri (hpguru) a Super User group member here. I'm Spotify Premium user since 2010 December. I listen all cool stuff -  hands up music: harddance, hardstyle, hardcore, jumpstyle and dancecore of course from Spotify 🙂 Thank you for great tool to listen my favorite music. Hands up will never die!


Please take a look to my playlist and you can start your party today. 🙂 Let the music do the job!



I'm here to help you with Spotify. And of course share to me hands up songs!!!

Hello everyone,


I'm David, one of the moderators here on the Spotify community. We're here to create a great place for all your Spotify needs -another place to create playlists with friends, tell us about things you want, and help other users get the most out of Spotify.


When I'm not doing all that, I play a little bit of bass. Recently, I've been listening to rather a bit of folk and catching up on the back catalogue of Sucioperro

Airhorn Enthusiast

Hi all,


I'm Sam. I'm one of the moderators here in the Spotify community. I'm here to offer help where I can and try and keep this place a nice, fun place to be.


Personally, I love music. I like everything. From Four Tet and Radiohead to Akala, Yann Tiersen and Rival Schools. So I'm looking forward to finding some gems that you lovely Spotifyers recommend. Just post away on those nice new music threads.






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I'm Meredith--one of the Managers here in the Spotify community. Our main goal is connecting you with great music and then recommending some new tunes for you while we're at it. 


I'm a big fan of going to gigs/ summer festivals, and also being a fierce competitor in music quizzes. For an idea of what I'm listening to on any given day, check out my playlist:









My name is Richard and I'm here to help out with things on the community and make sure that everyone has a great time. I'm sure this is going to be a really fun place to hang out, share music and talk about Spotify.


Drop me a line if you need any help or just want to chat. Us moderators are a friendly bunch and we don't bite, promise! (Well David does, but that's just him)


My favourite bands are British Sea Power, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead and other stuff like that (anything good, basically). New recommendations always welcome!

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I'm Alexander Forselius (krikelin) on the community and I'm a member of the founder groups. I love programming and doing new cool things with Spotify along with taking the challenge to helping other people here with their inqueries and problems with the services.

Hi all, 


I'm Fiona - one of the Moderators in the Spotify Community, here to offer support with all things Spotify.


Music is my world, from Dvorak to Run DMC, Guru's Jazzmatazz to Professor Green recommendations are always welcome.



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Hi, I'm Jer. I write a blog about Spotify called The Pansentient League ( and have been loving and writing about our favorite world-changing music service since the start of 2009.


I'm a huge fan of electronic music, especially synthpop, electropop, EBM and psychedelic trance. But that doesn't mean I don't sometimes enjoy a spot of rock, punk, classical, folk, dub... I'll give any genre a go at least once!


I've picked up a few Spotify hints and tips over the years, so hopefully I'll be able to help out here when i can....


Oh, and buy my book from Amazon! It's called The Pansentient League's Guide to SpotifyRobot tongue











French user of Spotify Prenium since 2010. 


Student in Civil Engineering who loves music. 


Listen Spotify on Macbook, iPhone with my new headset from Bose.


(Sorry for the poor english)



I'm Joe,


I run the Spotimy website, the aim is to guide you through all the new music on Spotify as it is added, listing reviews, recommending albums, compiling playlists.


I'm a fan of all sorts of music and Spotify gives me the chance to listen to loads of new stuff, which is why I started the site.


I know my way around Spotify and can help where I can.




Hi all I'm Steve,


I was a Customer Champion over at the old GetSatisfaction forum and am a Founder member here on the new Spotify Community pages.


I've been a Premium Subscriber of Spotify since October 2008 (in other words since the very beginning).


I'm a UK ex-pat living in Västerås, Sweden and I work as an IT Consultant. In my spare time I'm a bit of a gadget junkie, a Linux and Android user and a beer connoisseur Smiley Happy


Happy listening!



Hi, I'm Deb Ward -- new to Spotify.  I keep seeing posts from friends listening to a track and sharing it on Facebook.  I'm here to check it out.


Thanks for all the great music!



Hi All,


I am a relatively new spotify Premium member (<6months). I am still very much in the discovery phase but am finding that as every day passes I become more relient on my little green icon. 😉


The new forum looks great and I will no doubt be lurking around the boards asking silly questions about how to use the iOS app, I just hope that the more experienced among you don't find my questions too silly!




Hi there,


I'm a music fan, and also a "hobby" music journalist. I've been a premium Spotify member since the beginning, sometime in 2008 I guess? I often share music to my friends, and have been a pretty good Spotify evangelist wherever I go 🙂 I listen to mostly electronic / alternative stuff, but I can enjoy most genres.


Other than that, I'm a web developer by profession, and also a big fan of movies, good tv-series and books.


I love this service and it has helped me discover more new music than I thought possible.

Hey All, from Wisconsin/US


Premium user since it was opened up in the States here. I've always been a hoarder of  music whether it be on Vinyl, CD, Digital, etc so Spotify is a very good option for me to have so much available on multiple devices. I'm the type that will listen to anything at least once to give it a shot.


On Spotify!



I just signed on. This could be a cool thing. Zine had a community I liked until they jumped the shark.

Haven't figured this site out yet...
here is my into. My call name is houndgal1. I love all sorts of genres, especially music that is well written and performed. Lately I have been checking out vocal groups like kings singers. Also dig bluegrass, rock folk, pop, retro music , big band/swing.... I am a musician. Have worked as entertainer and a an entertainer. I hail from the Puget Sound area. I am owned by a bloodhound also.



I'm Allan. Spotify fan boy who works for a major tech support company in the U.K.

Hi hi,


I've been a Spotify Premium subscriber since March 2010, and has been a house-hold fixture for a long!

I love so many different music genres, that if I were to list them, it would take up a ridiculously huge amount of space, and you'd get bored with reading it very quickly I think Smiley Happy


There's still a lot I would like Spotify to improve and add (both on desktop and mobile versions) - and as long as it all works (as it should) and suits my needs, it'll be my main source for music for a while longer yet!

Spotify profile:
Premium subscriber since 2010.
Platforms: Windows 7, Android (Samsung Galaxy S2), Sonos

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