Help! Who do I need to talk to?!


Help! Who do I need to talk to?!

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Spotify has charged me twice for the last NINE MONTHS and I’m livid. I wanna know who to talk to about this before I start blowing it up all over the internet. I see this is a common issue. I want my money back


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Re: Help! Who do I need to talk to?!


Hello @user-removed!

So sorry to hear this has been happening! 

I would recommend contacting customer support. I have provided a link to a specific page in relation to being charged twice!


Will send you to a page with a link to some quick explanations and possible solutions. If those doesn't work press the "I Still Need Help" button which will send you to a contact form!


Information page! (The link I mentioned)


Hope this helped! If this does work, please be sure to mark this as a solution as it helps me a lot! Thanks!