Help interview with spotify


Help interview with spotify

Hi. I sent several emails to spostify ask for an interview but I have never received any answer.
I'm about to graduate in Business and Administration. My thesis project in Economics and Management of Innovation is about online music communities; specifically the study is focused on the new user experience offered by new online music services and the relationship between fan and artists. I would like to interview Spotify by email in order to study the company and include it in my thesis as case study. 
Can you give me some help? or you know who should I contact?
p.s.I have already contacted customer service and filled out press online form.

Thank you so much.



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Re: Help interview with spotify

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Hi @imma91 ,


You can look for an opportunity or a way to contact Spotify recruitment team here:


Good luck :D

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Re: Help interview with spotify


Hi @pnc,

the link to which you have addressed me it's for the opportunity to work. I need a contact to ask for an interview for my thesis.
Anyway thank you so much.