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OK, so I know that this is two years after your explanation. But thank you. I get it now. I'm not sure I agree with Spotify's logic and I wish they provided an explanation somewhere more easily accessible. BUT now I understand how it works, I will start to use the queue more! It always felt like this was a reason to go back to Apple Music as far as I was concerned.

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Summarizing the relevant features:

  • Spotify has a working "Add to queue" feature.
    Just click the ... and choose "Add to queue". That always works as expected, both on songs and on albums. However, Spotify has more than just that queue:
  • Spotify has a working "Play song" feature, and will follow-up with related songs.
    Spotify likes to keep playing, so it will automatically create a "Next up" list based on the song you started playing, usually beginning with other songs in the same album, and then others by the same artist. But these are just suggestions; your manual queue will take precedence.
  • Spotify does not have a "Play album" feature.
    When you click "Play" on an album, it doesn't play the album, it just executes "Play song" on the first track of that album. See above for what happens then.


  • Spotify thinks songs, not albums.
  • Don't "Play album" unless you really only want to hear that one. Otherwise, queue them from the start...

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I have posted an idea to fix this issue. If you could all vote on it, it might get Spotify's attention.


 Spotify Ideas:   "Play Album": put it wholly into queue instead of only playing first song

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Sygmoral, you explained it perfectly. Now I finally understand Spotify's logic. Thank you

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Hi there, I'm rather new to Spotify (came from GPM) and I'm trying to understand how things work here (which is not always obvious). I have read all three pages of this "solved" thread. Yet still here is very simple workflow that fails for me:


 - In the morning I select some albums for todays' listening.

 - I want to put them in the queue and loop them, so they are playing whole day long.

 - I want to listen them one after another with songs in order.


First problem I face is that there is some music left from yesterday and there is no "Clear queue" button. I found a workaround for that, though: I need to disable 'Repeat' and click last song in the queue (which looks weird to me, but anyway). So I click last song in "Next up" part and finally I get only one "Now Playing" song in the list.

Then I add my 2 new albums for today with ... and "Add to Queue" feature. They are added to "Next in Queue" part. I click first song of my todays' set and finally my new queue is ready. Now I need to loop all this.

I enable 'Repeat' feature and suddenly my "Next Up" list gets piled up with everything from the yesterdays' listening (everything I have just removed) and is repeated.


So for me it looks like:

1. The only way to add several albums one after another is using ... and "Add to Queue" feature. They are added into "Next in Queue" part of the list.

2. It is not possible to loop "Next in Queue". 'Repeat' button loops only "Next Up" part. Even if this part is empty, it loads last set of songs that has been there before and loops it.


I'm not sure why it works that way. I got used to this feature in GPM and in APM and had no idea that such basic stuff can be *** up. I was already told I can make a playlist everytime when I want to loop stuff, but here comes another problem: (for some reason) there is no possibility to add multiple playlists to the queue...


Maybe I'm not seeing someobvious thing here. I would appreciate if someone sheds a bit of light on how to pack several albums one after another and loop them? Thanks in advance.

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@n0vice, you're exactly right... I summed up how it currently works in my live idea right here, with a suggestion on how to make it more intuitive:


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Here's my problem with the way it works. I'm using the Spotify app in Windows. I like to play playlists that others have created, such as record labels. During playback I discover a new artist/album from the compilation that I want to listen to after the current playlist is over. I can't easily make a playlist out of what is already a community-provided playlist (I guess I'd have to create a new playlist and drag the community playlist contents to that one, not a simple process like what's available with an album's "add to playlist" command ). I want to queue the newly found albums at the END of the current playlist, yet there's no way to do that, that I've found.