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I totally agree this queue system makes NO sense to me. Why the fact the the album is already playing (or not) should change the queue concept ?

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Agree with many people here. Please improve this, @Spotify! Very confusing.

If you aim to keep it simple, it's ok to have a single way to add to the queue, but please get it right :-/ and it should add to the END of the queue, since it seems to be how everyone expects the command to work.

Alternatively, support both methods as Apple Music does (Play Next vs Play Later)



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The queuing system is obviously bonkers. You can see how hard dsa_7 had to try to make it sound sane.


I can actually understand why Spotify chose this system to a degree. When a user selects some track in a playlist or album they often aren't thinking "I'd like to clear the queue, start playing this track and queue the later tracks in this playlist". They're often just thinking "I want to hear this song". And I guess that most people don't ever touch the queueing feature. But Spotify seems overly scared to surprise the user by including the "later" tracks in the queue, hence the extra "Next up" queue. It seems well intentioned but it results in a confusing mess for most people who actually use queues and have a normal simple mental model for them!


I would suggest having 2 queueing options as both are sometimes useful:


1. "Queue next" or "Add to start of queue"

2. "Queue last" or "Add to end of queue"


And then you can get rid of the weird "Next Up" section. No one is looking for or enjoying this split-queue behaviour...

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Spotify, your queue system makes no sense.


If I am playing an album, and then I add something to the queue, it should go AFTER all the songs that are listed for the album I am currently playing. It is not a difficult concept to grasp, Spotify. Are you telling me the current songs from the album that is playing are not in the "queue"? Then where tf are they?


Why do we have "Up Next" and "Queue" as if they are two separate and competing list? How is that not obviously extremely confusing? Are you trying to be terrble or are you just incompetant?


Spotify has had terrible UX from day 1 and they are determined to have terrible UX forever, it seems. They never listen to complaints (why tf can't we see a list of all the songs and artists we've recently played, a la, they always seem to make stupid choices without considering what their users want.



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This is still, hands down, the most frustrating thing about Spotify. I was a long time, very satisfied Rdio user, and their queue structure honored the songs in a particular album. In fact, you could rearrange your queue BY ALBUM rather than by song. It was nearly perfect.

I describe it like this: If you had a stack of physical records that you intended to listen to, and you found a new album at the record store, you could bring it home and put it on the bottom of the stack. Once you'd listened to all of your records, you'd get to that one. But if you decided you wanted to skip some of those other records, you could reach into the stack and grab whatever you wanted and move it to the top of the pile. Once the current album was finished, you'd play whatever was on the top of the stack.

This is how Rdio worked, and it was brilliant. A virtual version of a real-life thing. All these years later, and Spotify's "queue" still makes no sense to me.

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I found my way here as well, because the whole queue concept that Spotify uses is so counter intuitive. 


As a Microsoft Groove refugee I am at a loss at how Spotify made it so far with such a jumbeld mess of an interface.


A simple fix would be adding a "play next" option and treat the "add to queue" as every other music player has treated it since the days of WinAmp.

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When I get into a line for a bar or security at an airport, because I got there last doesn't mean I jump to the front of the line. 


That's not how queues work. I don't really know what else to say beyond that. iTunes offers both options, I have no idea why Spotify wouldn't.

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This post said it was solved. How. I have just wasted 5 mins reading through the (admittedly quite witty) responses to find it is only solved to the extent I now understand Spotify have a ridiculous queue that makes ruins your listening pleasure. What’s wrong with just having menu options for “Play Next” and “add to end of queue” couldn’t be simpler. I guarantee they have some kind of Product Council which depends wholly on focus groups etc and is full of people who are two scared to actually make a common sense decision. 

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Thank you! This is by far the simplist and most concise explaination on this entire thread. I had no idea what was going on with my queue so really appreciate you clearning this up!!

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Actually this is not correct. Spotify does not use a push-down queue.

The confusion arises because if you play something directly, it is not added to the "queue" for some reason. Then, if you add something to the queue, the queue takes priority over whatever it was you were playing.


Example: I start playing an album directly, and Oxygene Pt 2 is playing. Next would come Oxygene Pt 3.

I add Teen Spirit to the queue.

I add Star Spangled Banner to the queue.

When Oxygene Pt 2 is finished playing, Teen Spirit plays.

Then Star Spangled Banner plays.

Then the queue is empty so Oygene Pt 3 plays.

To get the behavior we all want and expect, I don't play stuff directly but add everything to the queue. So I start by adding Oxygene, then if while it's playing I add Teen Spirit, it plays after all of Oxygene is finished.

Works once you get your head around it...