Helping your Profile/Playlist growth

Helping your Profile/Playlist growth

Hey guys, lockdown has ensured I have completely rinsed my music library and I'm in desperate need of something new to listen to. Put a playlist below and follow my playlist and I'll be sure to give it a listen and follow. If you want to follow profiles just say so. Hope everyone is keeping safe. The playlist here is a very chilled out hip/hop & RnB vibe based off one of my favourite songs.

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Thanks, Ive followed your playlist back 🙂

Thanks man much appreciated, I've followed both of your playlists. Feel free to have a look through more of mine if you like
we have different tastes for music, but I hope I can expand mine! I followed you! hope you like my playlist

Thanks a lot man appreciate it. Ive followed your playlist 🙂

Hey this is a lofi house playlist that i update daily. Hope you like it

Hey! this is my favorite playlist ever. it's alternative pop/rock/indie. I just checked your playlist out and liked it, please check mine out as well 🙂

Hey i feel like we have pretty similar taste in music, if you enjoy 00's hiphop, rnb and pop as much as i do you should check out my playlist! 😄 

Thanks a lot I've given your playlist a follow 🙂

Thanks a lot followed you and the playlists 🙂 some great stuff here

This might be a nice chill suggestion for your playlist

Here's a hip hop playlist if you want to listen to some undiscovered artists 

listening to yours asap! here's a playlist of some of my favorites of all time, i have all sorts of genres on my profile if this one doesn't fit what you like!



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