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Weve been REALLY patient with this .. I dont undertand why this has taken so long to implement . CD or better still full bandwidth FLAC full lossless.

Its clearly not technical as other mature services exist in this space..

Ive started using Deezer and RadioParadise as the sound is *noticably* better than 320 res for a lot of content (playing through Sonos Play:3 system). Going back to Spotify HD (320) is like plugging your ears with mud!

Also, Most internet plans are limit-free now so no excuse for charging a premium now either.

Please get it sorted quickly or Im pulling my Fam plan and moving over ..


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same here. i realy like spotify but othere hand it hate it after so many years stil no lossless i try tidel and like so much more and happy pay 20euro for it but how you stream it to my SR7009 is **bleep** that why i stil use spotify

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The problem with Spotify is not so much that it is lacking lossless, bit
rather that something is broken in their sound quality to begin with. It
sounds much worse than it should for the quality they offer. If you set
Tidal to use lossy quality and compare it to Spotify you'll find that Tidal
still sounds much better.

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I fully agree with those many other people wishing themself the losless HiFi Spotify. I hope that there will be some changes in the near future.

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**bleep** true


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I believe those of us who want lossless are in a minority, and there is just not enough financial incentive to implement. As more and more services go lossless, they will eventually be forced to do it.


Much of the problem lies in the consumer, too many people have no clue when it comes to sound quality and listen on inferior equipment because they've learned this way. Money is an issue of course, but I believe lack of education is even bigger.