How do I turn off automatic updates?


How do I turn off automatic updates?


The latest version of Spotify does not work behind my company's firewall. I have reverted back to Spotify; however, every day when I turn on my Macbook Pro and launch Spotify, it automatically updates itself to How can I turn off the automatic updates? Thank you!

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Hey there and welcome to the community of Spotify.


I understand your problem.


There is no way to disable automatical updates.


If you feel there is bug or bad stuff in new update, just send feedback to Spotify - send contact form message, add Kudos to Idea you like at Idea forum or feel free to create one!!


Hope this helps. Thanks!

Re: How do I turn off automatic updates?

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Hi All,

I really hate those automatic updates. I don't listen daily, but whenever I start spotify, it 'updates first' (using Spotify on windows).

You will ignore my message and say: "This is necessary" blah blah. Just know, that many users will think the same.

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This method works on newer version, don't know if it works on older versions.


Block the ip address of the update-server, might change over time or differ per region) 

I begin by installing an old version and at the same time run my network monitor (firewall program) to see when Spotify starts what ip addresses is connects to. Right away it tries to update. The ip address with the fastest download speed is probably the update server downloading an update file.

I then block that IP in my router settings. So this works as long as the ip of the update server remains the same. 

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The only useful answer, thank you. Got critical bug with radio in recent update, which had actually been there since 2016. Devs don't give a f. Can't imagine people actually supporting this shitty company.


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Keep your full installer called "SpotifyFullSetup.exe" somewhere safe and reinstall Spotify each time you run it...


That's the way I regain a working spotify because the currently not working recent versions...

If you want to automate that write a batch script doing a silent uninstall and install each boot.