How to tell that spotify is not listening to the community


How to tell that spotify is not listening to the community


Simple idea: right click in search suggestion window - mainly to add songs to queue


Here are all of the times people have suggested it:


Closed idea from 2012

Live Idea from 2015

Live Idea with picture from 2015


so, WHY THE F*** would spotify close a good idea? 


"once this idea collects 40+ kudos, we'll review it" - that philiosophy leaves your service always lacking when it comes to functionality. you don't need 40+ kudos, you need ONE PERSON who cares enough about spotify to come to this cesspool of unrealized ideas to submit their ideas.


I sure hope Apple Music Developers have Spotify Community accounts so they can take action on what spotify is lacking. 



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Re: How to tell that spotify is not listening to the community

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Hello there!
I understand your frustration - I'll try to explain a bit more how the ideas exchange works:

First of, the Ideas forum is only 1 part of many ways how Spotify decides on which feature to implement. Other channels are e.g. Twitter / Facebook / what's best for the user / artists / etc. The feedback here is valuable but there is no guarantee that Spotify will implement an idea once it reaches a certain number of kudos.


We have over 10.000 ideas - if every idea that reaches only 1 kudo would have been implemented, Spotify would be a confusing bloatware. There needs to be a balance between simplicity / usability and functionality. Not to mention that it takes time and manpower to develop all that.


The cap of 25 kudos per year before an idea reaches the 'inactive' status helps to remain an overview of the active and most popular ideas. Once an idea reaches 100 kudos it will get reviewed by the Spotify staff and a new ideas status is decided.


I hope that explains some things for you - more infos can be found here. 😉