It would be awesome if Spotify had a Newsfeed


It would be awesome if Spotify had a Newsfeed


Spotifiy should allow users to have a Newsfeed (like Facebook‘s Newsfeed) where their friends or contacs post the song, álbum, artist or playlist they have been listening to that day, and that goes to your Newsfeed, so you can scroll and scroll discovering songs your friends have posted that day or a few days ago.


Users should also have a profile, like Facebook‘s, so I can enter my friend‘s profile and check out all the songs, or albums, or artists, they have posted from today since the day they signed in.


Instagram shows me only photos and videos, Facebook only shows me people‘s every day life I don‘t want to know about. Twitter is just words. No social media has covered the needs of people who every day need is listen to the music their friends post, and ONLY THAT. No photos, no videos, no words, only Spotify songs, albums, artists and playlists.