Just a Topic to THANK the Linux Developers!


Just a Topic to THANK the Linux Developers!

Music Fan

Dear Developers,

This is my way to tell you I'm very pleased with the effort you put in the development of Spotify for Linux.

I've been certified as Microsoft Professional and Specialist, but on my main workstation I longed to go back to my root(s)!

As a paying customer, I'm very pleased to see that you have put together the effort to develop a Linux version. It runs sooooo nice on Ubuntu LTS!

One point of "i didn't get it, or its just part of preview": I can run spotify from a XTerm, no problem, everything fine. But if I select the Icon in ubuntu a crash occurs. Well, nevermind, I'll send feedback reports on every error I run into, for the moment I'm listening to my favorite music due to your efforts! YOU ARE GREAT!

As for me, I just got admitted to a ISTQB education, so in the future I'll be more than happy and able to assist you!

Kind regards,


Jelle (Pronounce: Yell-Eh)


P.S: Don't forget to thumbs-up if you agree that a Linux version is a good initiative for spotify!

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