Let's help each other grow each other's playlists to at least 100 likes!

Let's help each other grow each other's playlists to at least 100 likes!

Everyone who comments their own playlist, please go to Spotify and like/follow the playlist I have posted, as well as any others that get posted in this thread. I will do the same in return! Currently at 46 likes, I'll be keeping track on the way to my goal of 100! 


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Please follow the playlist I’ve posted, Used Cars, and I will follow your playlist back.

Liked your playlist bro here's mine. I think you'll be my number 100. Good luck for you on the journey there. 🙂

Please like/follow the playlist on Spotify and I will do the same in return.

Thank you!

The real way to grow your playlist is to have people listen to your playlists regularly, so you get more monthly listeners.

The amount of followers means nothing, if people, especially a lot, aren't listening to them at least once per month.


What you should do is get a post going, where people post their playlists, but also pick out other people's playlists, to have as their regular playlists.


It won't necessarily be you swapping playlists, but someone that listens to yours on a regular basis will have someone else pick his or her playlist, and so on.


Another good thing for everyone that picks one or more playlists to listen is to add it to their home screens. It's a reminder and a play button.


That's a feature available on Android only, right now.

Follow me

Actually, I’m trying to get to 100 followers on the playlist so I can put it up on a playlisting service that requires a minimum of 100. Thanks though.

Oh, okay, but there are some playlist services, like Playlist Push, that you can make money on that require a certain amount of monthly listeners. Either way, having more monthly listeners, rather than just a lot of followers helps your playlist.


Step 4: Keep Your Followers Engaged


"Listen to your playlists regularly [for] the following 3 reasons: 1. Your profile followers can see your activity in their friends feed and discover your playlist. 2. Search results are ranked by how many listeners those playlists are gaining. 3. You want to keep your current followers actively streaming from your playlists."


Step 5: Strap In For The Long Haul


"If you want to make the next great Spotify playlist don’t expect your playlist to gain hundreds of thousands of followers overnight. The speed your playlist grows really comes down to two simple factors: How easily people searching can find it and if it’s good enough for people to share with their friends."


The parts in orange are related.


What playlist service is that, and what does it do for you?

Follow me

Followed your playlist hope you will follow mine to 😉


followed yours to love it man
will you follow mine to 😄

I'm looking for some playlists with some new music !! Here's one of my playlists





This playlist started as a feature to indie pop songs, then grew to include alternative rock, shoegaze, Lo-fi and folk. I recently released my first album "Rise, from Depths, of a Preliminary State of Youth: A Change Within One in Worlds" which is a genre-blended album featuring alternative rock, ambient and downtempo, shoegaze, lo-fi and folk, and decided to add my songs to this playlist.

Please have a look at the playlist, and reply below with your playlists that could be a fit to my music album genres.

I also hope you could add my music to your playlists!

Do you disco


Cool groovy disco jams

followed yours hope you will checkout mine to 😉

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