New Album of Chakuza


New Album of Chakuza

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The new album of Chakuza "Drehscheibe" is not available on spotiy in Austria. there are only 2 songs available so far. Will all the songs be available in the future?


I find it kind of strange for him to be not available there, since he also did a "Spotify Sessions" for his last album "Magnolia" and general seems kind of close to spotify



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Re: New Album of Chakuza

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Hey there! Due to certain copyright restrictions and legal requirements, Spotify may not always have every song available for listening. Songs and albums are generally removed or not allowed to be added because of a request from either the artist or the recording company. Is there something missing that you were expecting to see?


Other songs and albums are just awaiting being added by the artist/record label. Go ahead and submit a request here to find out about missing content.

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Re: New Album of Chakuza

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Unfortunately ultimately it is up to the label to add the tracks to Spotify, so normally Spotify have very little control over what content is available and where.

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