Photo Thread: Show stuff (headphones, speakers...)


Photo Thread: Show stuff (headphones, speakers...)

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How you listen Spotify? Show your love!


Music stuff!


  1. Pioneer SMA1 Spotify speaker (for home use)
  2. Philips SHB7000 Bluetooth headphones Black (for laptop)
  3. Philips SHB8000 Bluetooth headphones White (for smartphone when walking)
  4. Philips SHO2200 In-ear headphones White (for smartphone when cycling)

I have also Bluetooth speaker Black, but forget to add to picture... Mainly used for movies on iPad.


Please share yours!

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Re: Photo Thread: Show stuff (headphones, speakers...)

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Nowadays my stuff for music. I don't use speakers anymore (TV own speaker or music speaker) as I love to listen on head/earphones.


For music on smartphone I listen with these (sometimes also on laptop):


Sennheiser CX2.0G microphone earphones 50 €


New earphones


For music on TV (YouTube app) or series and movies on TV (Netflix app):


Philips SBC5100 wireless headphones 50 €


Netflix TV and headphones by Philips


For hangouts and some simple listenings on Linux laptop:


By the way, Ubuntu is cool. I will never go back for Windows another time in my life!


Sennheiser Chat 3 microphone headphones 20 €


Sennheiser Chat 3




Jyrziu :d