Playlists Tips


Playlists Tips

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As you probably already know, you can sort your playlists into folders on the desktop client. If not, just go to File > New Playlist Folder, and voila! You got a new folder where you can start placing your playlists. It's amazing. 


How I like to organize my playlists:


- Following Playlists: playlists that I follow by other spotifyers. 

- Lifelists: I make playlist for recurring events in my life, like walking home or going on an airplane ride. 

- Albums: This is where I save my favorite albums or current albums I'm addicted to

- Moments: This is where I make playlists for moments in life. Like a concert I really enjoyed or a party playlist. Moments never to forget~

- Public Collablists: These our public playlists that I have as Collaborative Playlists. I love hearing other people's recomendations and suggesting new tunes to people. Suggest me stuff! 


The nice thing about playlists, especially for my Lifelists playlists: The ability to save a playlist for offline on the mobile app. Currently, I have my Walk Home playlist saved to my phone, so whether you are walking though LTE-holyland or you are in the caves of the NYC subway, you always have your tunes. 


ProTip: Think about your next day or week, and plan your Lifelists accordingly, and then save them for offline. That way, you always have something new and fresh to listen to. 



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Nice tips @jordan6fine 🙂 


I could really do with finding some time to organise mine! I also have a small section for party playlists - being students and all! 😉 



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Great ideas!!! I'll throw one more out there. I have gotten into the habit of doing it this way over the summer. I've attended a lot of festivals, and when I snag my ticket I make a spotify playlist of my favorite songs from the artists that will be performing at the festival. It is a great way to get amped for the show, and also to relive the experience later.

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Nice tips, @jordan6fine 🙂


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Re: Playlists Tips


These are some great tips.


One thing I like to do is create a "Best Of" playlist folder and then create separate playlists under each for some of my favorite artists. When I'm going on a long trip, I can just shuffle that entire folder and get some of my all time fav songs by artists.


I also like to create playlists folders for each year and put some of my favorite albums under it.