Please save spotify AKA current state of our beloved but dying music service


Please save spotify AKA current state of our beloved but dying music service


Dear spotify, I have been a long time customer by now and I loved your service ever since I started using it. I have brought so many customers to you thanks to being one of the first ones to adapt spotify in my country, you wouldnt believe if I told you and still, It is proving to be more difficult to stay loyal to you by every month.  You know, once upon a time your service just worked and that was kinda it. Sure there were some minor issues here and there but nothing major and I could just use the android app or a windows application whenever I wanted without needing to punch through a wall every 20 minutes. I heard it is called a "stable" release, but what do I know... right? Well its hard to be exact in the timeline but I would say that at least last 8 months your applications (android or windows) are **bleep**ING ANYTHING BUT STABLE. Now I should tell you that Im sorry for swearing but to be honest, I am not. Not even in the slightest. Every god darn update your applications gets worse, step by step, it can be observed by anyone who uses your service for at least a year and its driving everyone crazy. One only needs to take a look at your community forums to discover dozens of issues that have been there for over an half a year or longer AND YOU STILL HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO FIX THEM. You didn’t even try. And I’m not even mentioning that "legendary" windows update that removed the most basic features from the client, like ctrl + F functionality and others. Some were re-added later and some were not ( TO THIS DAY clicking on the cover art of currently played song still doesn’t take you to where the song is saved, like it used to), the point is why the **bleep** would you release an "update" like that? How is that even an update, do you know what the hell that word even means? You updated something by removing half of the features and making it as stable as a kid on coke with Tourette’s syndrome? What kind of a manager of a multibillion company lets such a **bleep**storm happen without even saying a simple "sorry" to its customers?


Since then, your client changes were detrimental almost every time you made some. I started to realize that the longer I use spotify, less stable it gets and except adding better spotify connect support and running features that no one cares about like Spotify running, your clients are able to do less and less by every update. I remember when my starred playlist could not be made public because of some database bug of yours and when I researched for almost an hour what the hell is wrong this time, I uncovered that this is a known and ignored issue on your forums for almost 8 months. And you just didn’t give a **bleep**. People had to contact you on a case-by-case basis to get their accounts manually fixed by you just so they could share their god darn playlists. And when I found out that I am a victim of this well known bug that you didn’t give a **bleep** for 8 months and contacted you by email even linking THE WHOLE THREAD describing the issue and clearly stating that this is something that YOU HAVE TO SOLVE for each user, you started to ask me what my OS was, If i don’t have connection problems and other utterly non relevant **bleep** just to make it more painful for me. That was the first time I was so frustrated that a said to myself well **bleep** you, this is just too much and I replied to your ignorant emails saying just that, I said I am not answering your idiotic questions about non relevant stuff when the issue is well described in the thread I ORIGINALLY SENT YOU and I **bleep**ing demand it to be fixed for me as a paying customer. And BOOM, suddenly after saying this is enough and starting to ignore you, my issue was fixed. Suddenly no dimwit technician demanded to know on what OS I am on (how the **bleep** is that relevant if I not only linked the goddamned thread but I also told you that I can’t make my playlist public on windows application AND on android app either. how retarded does the "technician" have to be to still demand my OS before he starts solving the issue?), no one needed to test my internet connection (again, wtf?), someone just fixed it out of the blue.


Since then I started to get angrier and angrier for your sheer lack of competence to finally fix your **bleep**ing clients before rolling out updates with "new amazing features", like when both windows and android client just suddenly stopped showing cover arts from locally stored mp3s, another well known issue that is being ignored for months. Or when android client no longer continued to play a playlist after I used a filter function to play a specific song AND of course removed the filter before locking the phone, just to discover that spotify app just cycles through songs that were filtered by a filter that doesn’t exist anymore and I have to manually enter the playlist and play a random song in order to continue to listen to said playlist without being restricted by a non-existent filter. ANOTHER **bleep**ING ISSSUE that has been bravely ignored for months now by you. I could probably name dozens of more for you but frankly I’m tired already and I think I am getting too angry that I’m starting to lose my point, that made me write to you in the first place.


I just wanted to tell you that today came the rubicon for me. After years of using your service I just couldn’t take it anymore, all the issues that are preventing me to use BASIC FUNCTIONALITY of your service you just do not give a **bleep** about and are being untreated for bizzare periods of time made me research competing services and swear to myself that if this doesn’t change I will **bleep**ing leave you. I will go through all the pain of moving my playlists and downloading the missing song and categorizing everything and all of that, not because I want to, but because you simply stopped caring about your customers and to be more specific, whoever is head of your software development department needs not to be fired, but **bleep**ing decapitated as I have not been able to witness such a long term damage to any kind of successful software IN MY LIFE by any company I had to be a customer of. The situation is starting to get so bizzare that sometimes an idea crossed my mind that someone is doing this on purpose, that some high-ranked personal of yours is paid by competition to damage your reputation as much as they can from the inside, because I fail to believe and comprehend that someone can be this incompetent without being thrown through the **bleep**ing window for so long.


 And no this is not a rant of an prepubescent kid who just needed to vent, and you know why? Because issue that I have encountered today and almost made me cross the line and cancelling my subscription was an absence of an option do download my tracks to sd card. Yes, you heard me right, it is year 2016 now and your application still doesn’t have one of the most basic features an android app can have since the begging of time. After all the bugs I have been encountering for the past months I decided to try to reinstall spotify app altogether to see if it does help anything and besides finding out it didn’t, I found out that suddenly spotify no longer saves my music to sd card but to internal memory. My eyes turned **bleep**ing red but hell, I have been through similar issues with your app so many times that I just thought to myself "hey, another hour of research down the drain but in the end ill find out what’s wrong, hopefully". Oh how was I mistaken. Once again I simply found out that this is a known issue for months, that app just sometimes wont save music to sd card no matter what (and yes you can try deleting cache, reinstalling, manually delete system files left behind by spotify, reformatting sd card, using another sd card, YOU CAN DO **bleep**ING ANYTHING) and you can not change that. And I mean literally anything, another **bleep**ing issue that you are just ignoring and the user has literally no other option but just stop using your service altogether and move to competition.


 I thought that I was dreaming. I thought to myself well there’s no **bleep**ing way, this has to be a joke of some sorts, no way the app is this badly **bleep**ed up. So I have tried to uninstall it altogether and manually download and install a YEAR OLD apk instead. And hail to the gods... Everything suddenly worked. And I mean **bleep**ing everything. My cover art was shown properly even on imported music files, playlists were downloading to the sd card, filter would no longer linger after deleting it during playback, application would not stop responding to system after an hour of running in background anymore, every-**bleep**ing-thing you manage to broke in the last year of your "updates" just started to work. Even funnier, no other functionality was impaired, the spotify connect playback worked as well as on the latest version and the older interface did not bug out whatever menu i tried to enter.


Now, lets be honest you and I, is there any better and more concrete proof that half of your personnel needs to be fired IMMEDIATELLY, than the fact that a year old version of your application is working much better and much more stable than your current version? Let that sink in, a YEAR OLD VERSION is more stable. Is this where your company is headed? Do you seriously not mind losing masses of customers because of all the bugs in your current clients (in every thread in your forums regarding well known and ignored issues you can find multiple people cancelling their subscriptions because they just can not take it anymore) at a time when almost every other week another competitor enters a music streaming market? Back in a day when you were almost a monopoly, your clients worked almost flawlessly and now when the pie is being sliced to more and more people and user base is getting more and more fragmented, you decide to have one of the worst quality software that industry has ever laid eyes upon? What the **bleep**? Where is your management, please tell us, what **bleep**ing imbecile is killing our favourite service and the company that puts food on the table for you?


This has to stop, and there is really no more time left for you. You have been on this path for so long and lost so much of the user base that there need to be some major personal changes in your company, like hiring an actual team of software developers instead of a mentally retarded hipsters joggling unicycles during company time.


You, who’s reading this right now, please, listen to me. I know you’re just a tier 1 support and you have no say in this and maybe you’re just as frustrated as me or maybe you just don’t give a **bleep**. But please, not just for me, for every user that has left and every one that is hanging by a thread to be patient enough like I am, forward this email to someone in whose hands it will matter. Please ensure that this will not just get lost in the limbo of thousands of support requests but instead, that someone who can change all of this actually gets a chance to read it.


As for me, I will continue to use a year old version of spotify and pretend to be a happy customer again, in March I will try to update to the latest version one last time and if it’s still a piece of **bleep** that no one cares about, I will leave you. And every single person that I managed to get for you along my way of using spotify will leave with me, I can ensure you of that.


Please, save Spotify for us…

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Everything evolves to its opposite....for the sake of balance sweety

tell me how I can get a hold of an older version please...I am a premium member looking at the  same  issues.

Re: Please save spotify AKA current state of our beloved but dying music service

Casual Listener

Totally agree.This new app is the worst product mistake since New Coke or even the Edsel.