Possible ideas for this streaming war problem?


Possible ideas for this streaming war problem?

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I was thinking...which I'm sure you've already thought of this but I thought I'd post it here just in case.

I buy hard copies of albums that I really like.

How do I find albums that I really like nowadays? I listen to them on spotify first.

I will buy the album, put it in a cd case, and then Proceed to listen on spotify because of convenience. And from the conversations I've had with others, if the album is good, people will pay.

I bought Taylor's album because I really liked it.

If anything, there should be a way to mix the two. Like, you know how in blurays they give you a free digital download? Perhaps, for artists that are up and arms about Spotify, maybe a code you enter that unlocks the ability to hear it on spotify without having to take up phone space by making an offline playlist? no? Maybe?

I'm just tired of hearing about this whole ordeal. There's gotta be a middle.

Edit: Or "one free album listen on spotify" then it locks up, and people that like it can buy it... Etc. because I find a lot of new music through spotify.