Private messaging on Spotify

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Private messaging on Spotify


Spotify used to have an option where you can privately share songs and playlists with your friends through Spotify. There used to be a tiny mailbox icon in the upper right corner next to your name. Now that icon is gone, and if I want to share a song with someone, I can only share it publicly via social media, or in a text message or email.

I liked the platform where you could send songs through this system but it's gone now! Any info?

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Re: Private messaging on Spotify

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It's gone. And from what ive been told, its because it wasn't very popular. I used it all the time! 

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Re: Private messaging on Spotify

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Hey there @djrosebud, welcome on the Spotify community!


You can read more information about the removal of the Inbox feature here. Feel free to leave your feedback on that thread as well.


Hope this helps!



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