Remove EDM from spotify genres


Remove EDM from spotify genres

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I know this is a bit of a heated debate but can we remove EDM from the genres section on Spotify. On the Spotify app there is no EDM genre (it is labeled electronic/dance) but if you go to the official Spotify stats page it lists EDM as a genre.

What does everyone else think? Do you class EDM as a genre or not?




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Re: Remove EDM from spotify genres


Technically EDM is short for Electronic Dance Music, so that might be why Spotify calls it that. Although whether EDM is a genre is a good debate, Spotify tries to reach out to as many types of audiences as possible, including the people who like EDM. So by removing it they would anger the people who listen to it, making some of them quit Spotify, and therefore less profit for them. In my opinion they should keep it.