Remove sub-account from Familyplan


Remove sub-account from Familyplan


 I have had a premium account for many years , and whant to try family plan for one of us in the family.    But it was not so a good idea so now i want to remove this sub-account.
This is not apparently.
Instead, I have to cancel my account to remove the sub account, and then join as a premium again but then seems fee to be higher

Is that so??

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Re: Remove sub-account from Familyplan


i don't have access to the person the main account is set up under it is my x and i need to remove my account and my daughters acct from his family plan

Re: Remove sub-account from Familyplan




Hi, when you tried the family plan where you the main account or you were absobed by someone elses account? 


If you are the main account and you want to remove a sub-account to an user that you invited you have to log into then to your account overview, once there click on the premium family plan and you will access the family plan settings, there you can cancel any sub-subsciption added to your account. 


if you need further help don't hesitate on contact me. Good luck!



- edbangershow

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