Removing R Kelly from Spotify


Removing R Kelly from Spotify


I have been a Spotify listener for years. Just curious why Spotify and other Music Streaming platforms continue to support R Kelly and his music especially after the #SurvivingRKelly series. Not only is he a pedofile but he continues to use and abuse young woman. I feel like when you play his music you are supporting the monster. I hope that Spotify will at least consider removing him. I will also send the other music platforms I use a similiar message.  Something needs to change.

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Re: Removing R Kelly from Spotify

Gig Goer

Look to see if there is a petition on and if there isn’t, create one

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The guy’s a scumbag, we all agree, but if his catalogue is removed from Spotify then Michael Jackson’s and Lostprophets will have to go as well. What about The Rolling Stones? Didn’t Bill Wyman once marry a 14 year old girl? Or The Who? Nobodies buying the nonsense Pete Townhend spewed out about ‘research’ for his book. Bowie? I’m pretty sure Lori Mattix was 14 when...

Anyway, I’m sure once Netflix get ‘round to making the documentaries, the outcry will follow.

Personally, the moral character of musicians doesn’t enter my thinking when I’m listening to tunes. The music’s good or it isn’t, simple as that. I understand some people will object to artists such as R. Kelly profiting from royalties but the answer is to choose not to listen. His music’s pish anyway. Why would you?


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Dont want to, dont listen to.

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Just because you want to support a child rapist doesn't mean we should all have to support it. "Don't listen to it": when I play spotify I'm doing somethign else. It's not my job to vigilantly check which song is about to play right before it plays. Spotify: let us mute artists to automatically skip their tracks! Why do you want to be in bed with child rapists Spotify??