Reply to a Reply on a Post


Reply to a Reply on a Post


Here is a post about this by another user.

I had also noticed myself, that when you reply to a reply on a thread, it goes under the main body of the message rather than the person you're responding to.

I wonder how it would be if you could have a response to a response go under the response instead of the original post. Sometimes threads go sideways and start other conversations, so it would be nice if you could choose where your replies go. That way if a thread starts a separate conversation, people wouldn't have to see it unless they open the sub-thread. (Like on Facebook where you can open another window when you reply to a comment by a certain individual).

Does this make sense? Haha the language is all convoluted.


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I have the same question


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Hey there @flypaperflowers,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Keep in mind that any replies in a Community thread will be posted in a chronological order rather than grouped by reply.


If you'd like to better clarify the post you're replying to, a good tip is to click the "Reply" button of that certain post and add a mention of that user's Community username so they get notified.


In case of bigger posts, you can also quote the original post in the beginning of your reply so that the content of the post you're replying to will be displayed. You can do that by tapping "Quote" (check the screenshot below of where to find it) and it should automatically include the content of the message you're replying to.





You can choose to edit how much content of that quote you want to be displayed in your reply so if you have multiple different points, you can make your reply more clear :)


On another note, if you think this is something other Spotify users would like to see here in the Community, you can suggest it here. This way, other Community users can add their +VOTE and feedback and contribute to the discussion.


Let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to lend a hand.


Have a lovely day!

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Not applicable



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I am unable to reply to the following thread:


But I have a fix for it, can you advise?