Sensitivity to Current Events via Spotify Playlists


Sensitivity to Current Events via Spotify Playlists


Hi guys, 


I wanted to start a conversation about being sure to have sensitivity to current issues in culture as we choose to talk about music and what it means to us. I came onto spotify today to find an official Spotify-made playlist called "Cali Fire" celebrating california hip hop, where the caption read "California Hip Hop is lit as a bic right now. Much respect to L.A. & The Bay for supplying us with that fire!". I'll preface this by saying I'm a California resident and love what our cities are contributing to music these days. 


However, as many of you know, our beautiful State is currently on fire in a very literal sense. Although fires are quite common in CA, especially in the hot summer months, they are still incredibly destructive both physically and emotionally. My heart sank a bit the moment I read the caption of that playlist for those currently being forced out of their homes due to the fires, wishing the playlist was one of hope and well-wishing, rather than completely detached from current events in our state. 


This post is not meant to accuse, only begin a dialogue about how being sensitive and careful to those around us when we speak and post things online. We all have moments where we say or post things quickly, and even with good intentions - let's all work on making those choices to engage with culture and news in ways that affect our lives on social media. Thank you 🙂

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