Shuffle Multiple Playlists?


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There is a trick to it...  You have to make the shuffle play on the computer and then continue playing on your android, ios or any other device. 

The thing is, you canot play any other  song or the shuffle desapears and you have to repeat the process from the computer app again. I wish they could include this on the mobile app´s.

Re: Shuffle Multiple Playlists?

Casual Listener
I can do a shuffle play from a folder on my desktop but when I continue playing on my iPhone it just sticks to the particular playlist the current song is in- no more shuffling between all the playlists in the folder. Unless I’m missing something?

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I would like to see a way to group/shuffle togehter mulitple playlists, including curated channels/playlists.  For example, one of my lists, Chill Tracks from Spotify, Discover Weekly and Release Rader.  I really like the quality of the curration at Spotify, but I find it annoying that I have to list to one station at a time, then switch to another.  It's particularly problematic if I'm working and listening to a lot of music.  The station I'm listening to will repeat after an hour or two (I work for 8+ :-)).  It also means that I'm on one genre for a bit without much variability unless I stop and switch things up.  Being able to group playlists and play/shuffle them all would greatly improve my experience (and apparently others).

Re: Shuffle Multiple Playlists?


Hey @bigveggie Thanks a lot. That really helped me out.