Sonos connect Wifi/wired


Sonos connect Wifi/wired




My problem: the control of spotify via the spotify app does not work. I have a beam 2 play3, a sub and a Play1.


I tried many things like power off the router, all the devices, go wired, not wired, force the sonos wifi, remove all the spotify etc… First disappointment, the device does not detect the 5ghz wifi, my router is not dual band so I prefer to wire the beam and then go for the sonos wifi solution.


All the actions I did before either did not work at all or just solved the problem for few hour/week.


These days, I have to work at home and somehow I plugged my computer on the Rj45 and surprise, spotify found the all thee devices! On my mobile phone (that is connected through wifi) the device does not appear on the spotify connect, the app Audible seems to find only one room (living room) through Airply i suppose.


It seems that the Spotify app on devices connected to the wifi are incapable to recognise the devices connected through the wired network and don’t make a complete local network search. The Sonos App recognise all the speakers and can cast Spotify through it.


Is there an action to improve the search of casting devices in spotify connect?