Soundcard related: Can't play the current track

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Soundcard related: Can't play the current track


HI all,


OK I know I’m not the first reporting this error message but was not able to find a suitable solution to my case.

What happened, I was using my build-in sound card and decided to upgrade my audio system so inserted an USB soundcard: Traktor Audio 2.


After this I noticed 2 strange things.

Let make it clear that all music I play without the Spotify client works perfectly fine!


So the first I noticed is when playing music trough Spotify only 1 speaker was functioning.

This was only until I restarted Spotify, after the restart I keep getting the message "Can't play the current track”.

(Switching back to my “old” sound card immediately fixes the error message.


Did anyone know how to solve this?


Btw, I’m on Windows 10 pro


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Soundcard related: Can't play the current track


Almost 3 years and no response? Because I just bought a Traktor Audio 2 and I'm having the exact same issue. Spotify web player works and every other software in the system works, just Spotify does not.


How can this be fixed?


Edit: You have to install the full version of the software they provide on their website. That fixed it.