Spotify Hi-Fi when you plan to arrive?


Spotify Hi-Fi when you plan to arrive?


And if, since last year that we had a first approach of the platform to HI-FI we have been waiting for updates or something concrete, the "quality is the main thing of the music" and that is well marked. The catalogue is excellent, the same with the interface, everything; it seems that we demand a lot but not. For when you walk to work, school, when you drive the car are reasonable 320 kbps but when you get home and listen to quiet music on a computer "medium range" (taking into account that more and more devices offer for a low price a remarkable audio quality) the 320 kbps do not reach, and we return to the above on quality. Where are the improvements? Even if it's a beta or some albums to try a future HI-FI Spotify, this makes it uneven because we have only seen over the years increases in customers, improvements in the interface, among other things ... but the quality? If other services had the availability of Spotify and the catalog already many would have moved (something was already seen in this forum). So my question (and several others) is, What do you plan to do with quality? We want the advance because the supposed "Very high" is not so "High".