Spotify, Spoticast and Xbox One


Spotify, Spoticast and Xbox One


Hello everyone,


I have a simple question - how reliable is Spoticast? Since it's a 3rd party app is it safe to connect it with Spotify that holds my personal information such as credit card info? Reason why I need app such as Spoticast is so I could listen to Spotify also on my Xbox one since there is no official app for it yet (and probably any time soon). I'm a very huge retard in these things, so I'm asking you guys - what are your thoughts of this app?  :)


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Re: Spotify, Spoticast and Xbox One

I'd like to know as well. I switched from Spotify to Microsoft Groove only because I wanted to listen to music while gaming, and not pay for 2 subscriptions per month. I miss using Spotify on my phone, wish they would just put it in Xbox One.